International students boosted UK economy by £42bn in 2021/2 – study

Report finds economic benefit to UK rose by a third in three years, making overseas students a significant contributor to economy

The economic benefit international students bring to the UK has jumped by a third in three years, boosting the economy by an estimated £42bn in 2021/2, according to new analysis.

The report, by analysts London Economics, said the economic benefit to the country rose from £31.3bn in 2018/9 to £41.9bn three years later as growing numbers of international students choose to study in the UK.

The research, published on Tuesday, comes at a time when the government is considering imposing restrictions on international students coming to the UK as part of its efforts to reduce the net migration figure.

The prime minister, Rishi Sunak, is said to be braced for a record increase in net migration this month. Some reports estimate that the figure could reach close to a million, up from 504,000 last year.

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