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Step 1 – Apply for Qualification Recognition


Apply for MyNMBI

1). Fills in the personal details page

2). Answers a series of questions to allow for G1/G2/G3 classification

3). List of required documents will be presented in MyNMBI:

List of Documents for Recognition:

  • A certificate produced by a regulator in a jurisdiction where you practised nursing or midwifery. Some countries have regional regulators while others have national ones.
  • The certificate states your registration dates, registration status and if you have any Fitness to Practise restrictions.
  • Issued in the last six months NMBI will request that you provide a certificate for each jurisdiction you practised or registered nursing or midwifery in. For G1/G2 applicants this will be required as part of registration while for G3 as part of Recognition process.
  • Certified copy of Diploma or Parchment or official evidence that you successfully competed your training.
  • A certificate of test results from either the International English Language Test System (IELTS) or Occupational English Test (OET).
  • Over all band required 7, can have 6.5 in one . Test should be taken in last 2 years
  • A letter on headed paper or an email from your employer(s) or Nursing Authority covering the following:

a). Location of employment

b). The dates of employment

c). Statement that you were practising as a nurse or midwife primarily through English

  • Other training courses you consider are relevant. This will be considered by our assessors if you have shortfalls in your qualifications. If you have completed a compensation measure in another EU country, please provide evidence of that.
  • A certified copy of Passport or National Identity Card.
  • Your ID upload should be clear, close up and in full colour with a minimum quality of 300dpi. The file should be in a PDF format. Valid and correctly certified ID. Expired documents will not be accepted. The MRZ (machine readable number) should not be obstructed.
  • Proof of Professional Experience – A form that you download from MyNMBI and send to your current and previous employer(s). Once completed by the employer you will need to upload it in MyNMBI. In this form the employer provides details (roles/ duties/activities) of your employment.
  • Qualification Form –  A form that you download from MyNMBI and send to your training institution to be completed. This form must be completed by the Head of Nursing or Midwifery Education. Once completed you will need to upload it to MyNMBI with the rest of your documents.
  • Transcript of Training

As part of the qualification form your previous education institute will be required to provide two documents:

a). Official transcript of the programme

b). Programme syllabus The official programme syllabus provided by the university or institute you trained in.

The syllabus curriculum must be relevant to the programme you completed. You will need to upload a certified copy of the transcript/syllabus.

NMBI requires applicants to provide certified copies of certain documents. A certified copy is a photocopy which has been certified by an appropriate authority as a true copy of the original. To obtain a certified copy of your document, you must bring your original document(s) to one of the certifying authorities . The certifying authority must confirm they have seen the original document. They must state their full name and profession, and stamp, sign and date the photocopy of the document. You will then upload the certified copy to your application in MyNMBI. Please note that failing to provide certified copies will delay how quickly NMBI can process your application.

4).Submits the required documents

5). Reviews that your personal information provided is correct and accurate

6). Pays the €350 recognition fee

Once Submitted, NMBI staff will review the application and send you the result by email. The status of the application can be checked in MYNMBI.

The NMBI will take a minimum of 90 days to review the documents you have sent in. 


While you are waiting for 90-day assessment period to be completed, we will help you secure employment in Ireland.

Step 2:

You’ve now received your decision letter, however the NMBI has stated, before you can be fully licensed, you’ll need to undertake the Adaptation Program or Aptitude Test.


You have travel to Ireland to complete either of tests mentioned above.


We will help you with visa application with INIS and also your employer will:


  • Assist you with your flight to Ireland
  • Assist you with initial accommodation
  • Pay for during the adaptation period/aptitude test
  • Pay for the aptitude test if you take this option
  • Employ you full time as a Registered Nurse post completion of the adaption period/aptitude test


So what is the Adaptation Program & Aptitude Test



What is an aptitude test?


The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland’s (RCSI) Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery

coordinates and manages an aptitude test for applicants trained outside the Republic of Ireland.


The test is composed of two parts:


  • Part 1: Theory or knowledge test or MCQ, which must be successfully completed before Part 2 can be attempted.
  • Part 2: Practical or OSCE test


The process to complete the test is:


  • You have 12 months, from the date on the letter to complete the aptitude test
  • Complete RCSI’s online application
  • RCSI will send you a confirmation email with an invitation to the test
  • You might need a visa to travel to Ireland to complete the test. NMBI has no role in organising or answering visa related queries. For more information please contact INIS.


Once you complete the test, you can inform NMBI of the result through MyNMBI.


What is a period of adaptation?


A period of adaptation is a period of supervised practice under the supervision or

responsibility of a qualified member of that profession, such period of supervised practice

possibly being accompanied by further training. This period of supervised practice will be the subject of an assessment.

Periods of supervised practice must be undertaken at an approved Irish healthcare facility.

You will be able to choose from a list of hospitals matched to the division of the Register you are applying to and approved by NMBI.


The minimum timeframe to complete a period of adaptation is six weeks. However, that period may be extended to 12 weeks and beyond if required.


General information:


1). You have 12 months from the date on the letter to secure a period of adaptation.

      After that period elapses, your application will be closed

2). You need a visa to travel to Ireland to complete the period of adaptation.


3). Your potential employer must contact the health care facilities to secure an

adaptation placement.


4). Once you find a health care facility you need to:

  • Complete information on the hospital in MyNMBI
  • Upload a letter of confirmation of your adaptation hospital


5). NMBI will place your name on the Candidate Register for the duration of your period of adaptation and we will issue you with a Candidate Certificate.


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